Jose Technologies has many different services for today's home owner.  We offer indoor air quality inspections, this includes mold and Volatile Organic Compounds.  The best furnace filter available. Air purifiers that use cutting edge technologies to keep your breathable air clean.  Chlorine Dioxide mold and odor eliminator. 

MOLD and VOC inspections


We are a nationally Certified Mold Inspectors, we come into your home or business and try to determine what the issues are that have cause g issue for you, your family or you workers.  In the past 9 years we have inspected over 2,000 properties for mold or vocs.  We are courteous, friendly and have many connections in the business world that help us to do this service.

Our Process

We do the entire home for our inspection.  We look at every wall with our thermal imager, around each window, door and plumbing fixture which includes all toilets, tub, showers, under and around sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, furnace and around the refrigerator.  These are all areas that may have mositure issues and even mold growth.  We take at least one air sample to see what is in the air that you may be breathing.  After completing our inspection we send the samples to the lab and give you a written report in about one week.

Attic inspections


Have you had a home inspector come and tell you that you have mold in your attic?  Is this report holding up the sale of your home?  We can inspect the attic and let you know if indeed there is an issue or not. 

Our unique environmentally safe process permanently removes all odor's, cigarette and cannabis smoke, pet, cooking odors like curry, mold and mildew, are just gone! Our Dry Fog enables us to decontaminate all surfaces and crevices. The fog penetrates into the most difficult and hard to reach areas!

Using the same technology that purifies you're drinking water, we destroy allergens, bacteria and spores. Then all surface areas are treated with our patented EPA registered antimicrobial treatment which destroys spores, viruses, bacteria, using the laws of physics.

Less toxic than vitamin C, germs and bacteria and viruses cannot mutate and become super bugs. Long lasting protection is finally here. Be it your home, office, vehicle, safe fast and effective odors, germs, bacteria, allergens, viruses, mold, just gone!



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